To Moms Of Twins - Hold On Tight!

I want to first say, I am NOT the mother of twins.  But, I have an identical sister.  So I feel I can give some sound advice to Moms of twins.  Something wonderful happened to my Mom - she survived!

No one can prepare you for 2 babies - at least that's what my mom Joannie said. She says she earned every one of her gray hairs and she says that proudly.

But no one will EVER understand the bond twins have.  It is the weirdest thing and can so not be explained.

Here are some things twins will go through.  To the moms, it is what it is and just let it happen!

First up:

1.  When one  twin is hurting, whether identical or fraternal, the other one will know it.  They feel it in the pit of their stomachs.  

2.  There is ALWAYS a more dominant one.  I am 5 minutes older and have always protected my sister.  I can not tell you how many ass kickings I got and how many I gave because they screwed with my sister.

3.  There will always be an underlined competition.  It may not be said out loud, but it is there.  My sister was Captain of the cheerleading and I was nominated for homecoming queen.  Also, in the womb, my sister was sucking all the nutrients from me.  That is a whole other issue.  LOL.

4.  Your twins WILL fight.  And sometimes they might get ugly.  One time, I threw a curling iron at my sister and it got stuck in her scalp.  Not hair, but scalp.  A doctor had to remove it.

I have come to the conclusion that the reason for all of this is because of one thing.  Imagine growing up and trying to find yourself.  And there is somebody who looks like you and acts like you doing the same thing.  It could get exhausting.

Check out the video above and you will laugh!