The Real Meaning of Motherhood


So many of us women have asked this one question over and over again in our heads - what is motherhood really and how good of a job am I doing?

Well, first off my kids are 21 and 18 and I am still figuring this so-called job out.  There are times where I sit and daydream and think of all the mistakes I made and the many more I am gonna make!

In today's society, we as women seem to be soo hard on ourselves and want everything perfect.  Every detail of our life and our kids are categorized into groups and priorities.  We seem to forget to enjoy the littlest things in life.

Here is my answer to the question what is motherhood?  It is pure unconditional love.  You look into the eyes of the child and all you see is the future.  The first time they say "Mom", your heart melts!!!  It is a journey filled with ups and downs and sometimes it feels like the longest roller coaster ride you have ever been on.  But, your kids are gifts and should be handled as such.  Even if sometimes you would like to return some gifts, these are here forever.  LOL.

Turn off the TV and the computer and cuddle with them.  Embrace the simplest things and stop trying to micro-manage everything.  Believe me, it goes by in the blink of an eye.

I was at my youngest son's college parent weekend this past weekend.  I couldn't believe I am here at this stage.  But, as I was leaving, I looked at Christian and said "You and Casey are the 2 greatest accomplishments I will ever do in my life".  I fully believe that.

About the job of motherhood and how I am doing?  I say "Whatever".  You do the best you can, love them and hope for the best.  All I can say is they better take care of me in my old age no matter how much therapy they both have needed!