Things You Do For Your Kids!

How far would you go for your kids? After watching the news and hearing about Angelina Jolie's decision about having a double masectomy, I sat there and pondered that thought. People never can explain the love you immediately feel when you have a child.

It is like this incredible light and joy that is sooo hard to explain. They usually respond "Wait till you have kids. You will know what I mean". I give Angelina soooo much credit and kudos to her. She is known around the world as the most beautiful woman and lets face it, in her business it is all about the looks. Yet, the one thing that stood out for her is FAMILY. She took the bulls by the horn and did what she had to do to diminish the risk of her not being with them. What a gift! I FIRMLY believe that 98% of Moms would absolutely die for their children.

As soon as you see that child ( natural or adopted), your heart opens up this path and there is no turning back. It is the strongest emotion you will ever feel! And what a ride it is!