Get A Job Already!

I made a pact to myself, when I got married, that I wanted to work. I didn't want to stay home and just raise the kids. Of course, I knew I wanted to be a Mom, but I wanted to experience other things also. Well, it didn't work out that way.

When I first got pregnant, my brother said "the wrong sister is having the baby first". I was sooo not insulted because I knew he was right. Well, my youngest is 17 and the time has come. It is a monumental moment in my family - Mom is gonna get a job!! I have a Journalism degree from Rutgers University and I always felt like an intelligent woman. Well, I have sent out thousands of resumes in the last 2 years and heard nothing. I certaintly have been hearing crickets in the background. LOL. Now, I am at the point where I have no idea where life is gonna take me. My boys are men- 20 and 17, so now getting a job is becoming sooooo real! As Moms, we put our kids first and just ride the roller coaster with them. What happens to us as women when the house is empty? Don't get me wrong, I probably will be jumping up and down with joy when that happens, but will I have found a job yet? My self-esteem is taking a beating.

My son Casey must have heard me talking to my husband - his father- about it and he walks into the room and says "Sack up already and get a job!" So, that's what I'm gonna do!! I'm gonna put on my spanx, apply my hot flash creme, get my suit on and get a job. Is anyone hiring??