It's FINALLY here! They have listened to women around the world. I have prayed for this on a daily basis. SPANX SWIM! Finally ladies I can sit on the beach and know my gut is not hanging over my bottom. LOL. This is the best invention since sliced bread.

I always hated when the summer was approaching and I had to go BATHING SUIT shopping. I would go to Macy's, Nordstroms and every other store in creation to find that perfect suit. Come on. You guys know. The suit where you look like a Victoria Secret model. Yes, I said it. The suit where you can prance around all day in. The suit that shows even though you had kids and your stomach is not as tight and flat to bounce a quarter off of. The one that says a statement " No I am not in my 20's, but I still look DAMN good." It says to the 20-somethings - Let's see what you look like after gaining like 50 pounds and giving birth. Everyone looks good in their 20's, what matters is how you age! LOL.

Thank you Sara Blakely for making this a GREAT day. Summer on the beach (and of course alcohol) here we come!